An Engraved Pocket Watch can Speak Highly of you than your Imagination

The definition of fashion keeps changing with the time and according to the familiar saying, “what goes around comes around”, the trend of pocket watches are wildly coming back in style again. This time you can engrave symbols or letters according to your choice. You can keep them for your personal use, and they can also be served as a precious gift for your loved ones.

Here are the reasons why an engraved pocket watch may have a positive impact on your social image:

  1. Trendsetting:

In the current scenario, if you ask time to anyone or even want to know the time, the first action you will take is grabbing your cell phone and staring at the screen. The proper use of wrist watch has limited just as a fashion accessory only. Well, using a smooth designed customised pocket watch for change can drag people’s attention towards you. There is no doubt that, people will love the pocket watch, but also they will appreciate you for your style while some would also follow your fashion. It’s time that you stay out of the crowd and let others follow you instead by wearing a trendy and fashionable engraved pocket watch.

CHARLES HUBERT 3907 $389.00
  1. Upscale your image

A pocket watch is an item that has been used since 100 of years by scholars, presidents, art lovers and many other noble people. A pocket watch is a symbol of royalty, and it emanates a particular kind of charisma. A pocket watch can also be used as an excellent accessory. You can attach your pocket watch with your pocket when you wear a suit for a wedding or go to a fancy dinner with your colleagues.

  1. Artistic:

There are ample of designs to choose; from a classy pocket watch to a trendy looking pocket watch. An engraved pocket watch allows you to engraved special symbols and letters, and you can use your artistic quality and engraved something that suits your personality. How you wear the pocket watch also represents your artistry. If you want a classy look, you can go with formal or you can even accessorise it with your casual cloth and give yourself a fusion of modern and formal fashion.

  1. Shows your uniqueness:

You can also verbalize your feelings to your loved ones by gifting them special symbols that represents how much you love them. Your loved one will love you for such a unique gift that hardly anyone will think of giving.

CHARLES HUBERT 3575 $129.00


CHARLES HUBERT 3599 $159.00


If you are making your mind for embracing such a new style mantra, then it is advisable to mark your presence at Sterling Engraved. We have the largest online shopping place for engraved pocket watch lovers. The engravings are done by the experts. The speciality of us is that we ship the watches inside a beautiful wooden box and charge zero for delivering at your doorstep. This is the reason; the fan followings of Sterling Engraved are increasing day by day.

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Top Fashion Styles with Engraved Pocket Watches in USA

Our generation is the generation of fashion lovers, fashion followers, the style divas, the style stealers and much more you can think of. But, it is also noticeable that we being the 21st generation people, still adhere to those funky fashion chunks which were used long back in 90’s or 80’s. Today we will be telling you about the top fashion styles which you can achieve using an engraved pocket watch, and for sure you will be the charming one around with a tint of the fashion ethics and the style statement engraved in you. Below are few of the top fashion styles with the engraved pocket watch:

CHARLES HUBERT 3517 $149.00
CHARLES HUBERT 3651 $189.00


On Trousers: Pocket watches can be worn on trousers with belt loops and silver chains. You can also opt for Gold chains, but you should keep in mind that Gold always gives a royal look and doesn’t go well with the casuals. So it is recommended to use silver plated chains or antique polished chains which will give a blink of fashion and tradition simultaneously in your look.

With Dresses: If you are the modern woman, who doesn’t hesitate to try anything new then Pocket watches can be a choice for you. Multicolour dazzling chains with an engraved pocket watch will surely bring a thousand pairs of eyes on you. It will not only look stylish, but it will embrace you with flair of tradition and ethnicity. But make sure to buy the only premium engraved pocket watches in USA.

MEISTERWERK 1898G $129.00

With Shirts: Trying the engraved pocket watch with western shirts and blazers is indeed an experiment but will be a stylish experiment. You can try the pocket watch instead of the colourful and shiny brooch and bring your dressing sense another level of class and style. Antique pocket watches with Gold chains can be a great choice for weddings or royal occasions.

As an accessory: Engraved pocket watches can also act as an amazing bracelet which can be well matched with any of your casual or ethnic outfits. You don’t need to be accessory starving when you have such a great option of accessorising and complementing your whole look with this amazing engraved pocket watch accessory.

If you want to buy such engraved pocket watches in USA, then explore the online store of Sterling Engraved. We host premium pocket watches to buy the impression. The order will come with free home delivery service wrapped inside a beautiful wooden box. Apart from engraved pocket watches in USA, we also deal with wrist watches of branded company. Just let’s know about the watch of your choice and the message you want to engrave, we will take care of the rest starting from engraving to safe delivery of the package at your doorstep.

Hope you loved the ways of styling the pocket watch and will for sure try few of them next time you get a chance to. Also, you will not think this small little watch useless and just worth hiding in your pocket, as this tiny thing is the best thing you can style with.

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Sterling Engraved:- The Best Engraved Wrist Watch Supplier

No matter under which age bar we belong to, the necessity of a timekeeper on our wrist always holds primary importance. It directs our action and helps us walk along a time framed path. However, with the passage of time, the watch has upgraded itself to deliver more value added services such as monitoring heartbeat, keeping the track of our daily walk distance, taking calls etc. But, can you imagine it as an emotion keeper as well? Yes, it can do that. It can make you more close to your would-be, it can make your son motivated on his work, it can make your fiancé feel your presence even in your absence. Just you have to make it little bit engravable.

Engraved watches:

More than a trending fashion mantra, engraved watches have become a bare essential wearable for many. People do love to engrave their watch as it helps them carrying sweet memories of their loved ones when they are not nearby.


BULOVA 98B249 $389.00
BULOVA 96A118 $469.00


Let’s bring a reality-cum-imagination onto the table:

Suppose, an important duty call compels you to make an out of the town journey of few months leaving your newly wedded wife at home, then it is sure that both of you will be in a bit of emotional turbulence. No matter how many times in a day you two get connected via phone or messages, there would be some missing-moments. However, if she will be having an engraved watch bearing a message “I am with u always”, then the geographical gaps will be bridged better.

Another instant that is more common, sending your children to boarding schools by keeping a stone over the heart. It is equally difficult for the children and parents to get separated from each other. However, if your child would have an engraved watch gifted from you saying “Time flies quickly”, it would soothe her heart much better.

There can be endless situations as described above where an engraved watch can be a better saviour for you and your loved ones.

Wait, don’t search for any engraved wrist watch supplier now as we are here to serve you better than anyone else.

Sterling Engraved-A perfect shopping place for engraved watches

Since ages, Sterling Engraves has topped as best engraved wrist watch supplier as well as pocket watch supplier. Our online store hosts design to impress you for sure. They are the premier popular collections and can rarely be found anywhere else.

BULOVA 98B250 $469.00
BULOVA 98L135 $399.00








The engravings are done under the high-class supervision of experts. So, they have any rare chance of getting waved off by normal daily friction. Also, the letters are engraved to the depth so that they will shine even on less exposure to light.

Under our privilege service, doorstep delivery comes as free, and your engraved watch will be delivered within a beautiful wooden box engraved further on its outer wall.

Step into the mesmerising online showroom of Sterling Engraved and bridge those emotional gaps like a way never before.

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Here is an Easy Answer to ‘Where can I get Engraved Watches Near Me?

“Where can I get engraved watches near me?”-This is the first question you ask yourself when you need to present someone a beautiful engraved watch or make a desire of personalising your wrist ornament bit more by engraving your signature behind it. But before you make a rampant search, here are few questions those are worth asking to yourself.

For whom am I doing this?

The answer to this will help you pick up a right design. For instance, if your granny likes letters in italic rather than plain then you must let the designer know this in advance. If your girlfriend likes the way you write, then engraving can be taken care of by that mode as well.

What is the purpose?

BULOVA 97B147 $259.00
    CARAVELLE 44L118 $179.00CARAVELLE 44L118


Now, an answer to this will draw the subject line of the engraving. If it is for your beloved husband who is going out of the town for few months, then a message like ‘Don’t worry, I am holding your hands now’ will make him walk down through the memory lane and will make him even more emotionally strong. Suppose, it is for your son on getting his first job, then a sweet message like ‘Make us feel proud of you like this always’ from you as parents will stir his inner motivation to much extent.

What type of watch should I buy?

Things have changed with the passage of time. Gone are those days when people used to think wrist watches as their only option. Now, pocket watches are the new trend! They are making people crazy like anything. Though the saying ‘old wine in a new bottle’ goes right here but it is truly a temptation to hold a golden or silver coloured pocket watch. It will draw you towards the limelight almost instantly! But there are again some people who have to flaunt their fashion quota within the boundary of an official decorum. Here, wristwatches are the only options for them but with a proper amalgamation of colour, design, and engraving situations can be equally rewarding.

After you’re done with the above questionnaires here comes the main part, ‘Where Can I find engraved watches near me?’

One answer to all questions:

Well for that, Sterling Engraved is always there for you. Our online store hosts endless designer wrist as well as pocket watches. We know that they will buy your impression for sure. This is because we choose designs based on popularity. That’s not all; we will also engrave your watch the way you want. The engravings are done on a solid note so that they will not easily wear-off on normal frictions.

MEISTERWERK 1995S $789.00

Your watch will be packed inside a designer wooden box, and the whole package will be delivered to your doorstep for free! Isn’t that amazing? Imagine getting all of the above features within a budget that is even lower than your estimation. Sounds more interesting?

Then do not waste even a single moment. Visit our online store and order that specially engraved watch to surprise him/her to the fullest.

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Current Fashion Mantra Suggests to have a Personalized Pocket Watch in USA

Since the inception of watches, each passing day is marking a new style. A watch is bare essential for everyone residing on earth and therefore a varied diversified style watches float in the market.

The trend of time keeping started with the sand and now it has transformed into the shape of digital form. But still, the old methods are marked as the new fashion icon. In this regard, a pocket watch is the new sensation.

Top reasons to have a pocket watch:

A pocket watch is one of the best and classic timekeeper that man has ever invented. Pick any movie based on old times like Sherlock Holmes or Harry Porter, a pocket watch is always there with the leading characters to triple fold the weight of their characters.

A flip cover encapsulating the clock is the main center of attraction. The way it shines, even on minimal light exposure, makes everyone look at it with the eyes of jealousy.

Another attractive part is its chain that enable us to take it out from the pocket or to hang it over our neck with much ease. Additionally, if the whole surface has been colored with gold or silver, it is hard to maintain distance from it for a single moment. But there is one more way to make it even more personal and close to heart, just you need a good hand for engraving.

MEISTERWERK 1863 $149.00

Engrave your pocket watch by the letters coming out of your heart:

Imagine of holding a pocket watch with its surface being encrypted with the lovely message from a person close to your heart. Will not that make the bonding between two of you even stronger?

During old times, people used to hand engrave the pocket watches through expert hands to make some permanent memories of some unforgettable conversations. Soldiers used to stick the pictures below the cover and an inspiring message above to keep them going through the difficult situations.

CHARLES HUBERT 3907 $389.00

Make your own personalized pocket watch:

If you are looking for such personalized pocket watch in USA, then mark your presence at the online shopping store of Sterling Engraved. We are into this business since many years and we love to put smile and stir emotions through our lovely engraved pocket as well as wrist watches.

Main reasons to go for Sterling Engraved:

We give free home delivery:

The watches will be delivered to your doorstep without charging any extra penny unlike other sellers.

Get beautiful wooden box:

Your watch will be delivered inside a beautiful wooden box with a lovely message of your choice engraved above. Isn’t that purely personalization touch?

Lucrative discounts:

We like to surprise our customers all the time, that is the reason, you can seasonal discounts running on our website all the time.

24/7 support:

A dedicated team is always there to listen your queries at any time. Just you need to address your concerns and they will be addressed successfully.

So, get in touch with us today and get your personalized pocket watch in USA right at your doorstep shortly!

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As an Engraved Watches Company, Sterling Engraved has Following Qualities that Make it Unique among Others

Making a stand as an engraving watch company in this competitive market is not so easy. Many have given this a hard try but failed eventually. We could also have, but certainly, some strong policies of ours have kept us alive and healthy in this situation. These policies are our lifeline and have made us bridging the gap between us and our customers all over the world.

engraved watches
engraved watches

1. Deep brainstorming on people’s likings:

Not every captivating design becomes able to attract customers. A watch, in this regard, needs much more precision in terms of design simplicity and engraving. We keep researching on the current trending designs. We look for the elements those attract the people the most and integrate the same to our masterpieces. However, most other companies sail with the tide and lose their track towards increased customer profile afterwards.

2. Our business does not end post selling:

During our journey from no one to someone, we have learnt very well the importance of customer satisfaction post selling. Not every delivery turns out to be successful, but we make sure those issues get solved as quickly as possible. Our dedicated customer care team are always ready to address your queries over phone or email. The management always keeps customer satisfaction as the centre of concern and deals it with utmost importance.

Untitled 120

3. Not a single extra penny for doorstep delivery:

There is hardly any engraved watches company in Miami providing free shipment on delivery irrespective of your geographical location, but we do. There are no hidden charges and absolute zero tolerance over late delivery. This is the reason people do trust us when it comes to surprising their dear ones on their special day with an engraved watch as gift; we deliver right to the doorstep of your loved one on his/her birthday.

4. Secure Payment gateway:

We have integrated easy payment option for you so that paying money will not be a hectic task for you. The use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 3.0 encryption gives you the surety that your hard earned money is getting transacted through a secure environment. At no moment your card details will get shared. You will get a system generated receipt showing the acknowledgement number.

5. Complete confidentiality on customers’ information:

We do not entertain any kind of breach on our customers’ personal information. We maintain the database and store them with proper digital security. All information are maintained offline and are encrypted so that the access to them will be a mere possibility for unwanted invaders.
6. Quick Shipment:
Most engraved watches company make it super late to deliver the item. Usually it takes them 7-8 business days but as we have tied up with fast delivering courier services, your order will get delivered within just 2-3 business days. However, the longer delivery time may prevail only if the volume of order is more.

Make your smart move today and buy an engraved watch for your dear one from one of the trustable website of today’s generation, Sterling Engraved.

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Why any Engraved Pocket Watches Company Find it Difficult to Sustain in the Market?

Engraving is not an easy art and when it comes to doing the same on a pocket watch, the task demands extreme patience and wide past years of experience to mark perfection. From time to time, the market has witnessed many such business players who have tried to stand tall on the expectation and satisfaction level of customers but had failed to do so. There are number of factors responsible for this, some of them are;

Failure to understand people’s choice:

It is barely essential to understand what people desire if you want to make a long run in the market. The major problem was that most of the companies just followed what others were doing and this created an end line for them. At sterling Engraved, we always make deep market study to understand people’s choice and host similar designs in our online store. That’s the reason when people think of any new trending design, they hit at our online store first.

Marketing failures:

Charles Hubert 3851 $189.00
Charles Hubert 3851
Charles Hubert 3900 $159.00
Charles Hubert 3900

Now, being an engraved pocket watches company, if you will advertise about your brand on a wrong platform that will return nothing more than failure. One needs to understand the exact audience niche for that. For example, if you are selling branded watches with high price but will market for common people, the result is known obvious. We understand this science very well; therefore, we keep budget friendly pocket watches those can be affordable to anyone, starting from a student to a retired person.

High delivery charges:

This is where most of the sellers make mistake. They cover only limited portion of area as free quota and for rest they add high delivery charge to the final price, sometimes it is even 25-30% of the total cost of pocket watch. However, same is not the case at Sterling Engraved; your watch will be shipped to your doorstep without any hidden additional price.

Poor engraving:

It is the juiciest part of the whole shopping, people draw themselves to your store for getting a designer engraving but if you fail them, there is hardly any second chance left. Engraving a metal requires careful attention and observation under the supervision of an expert. At Sterling Engraved you can barely find any designing mistake and we suggest best quotation for your needs. Our engravings are hard to get wiped off against daily friction and can shine even under minimal light exposure.

Absence of special customer care elements:

If you want to make customers come to your shop again and again then you need to deliver them something extra in terms of gifts or service. It will make you the best engraved pocket watches Company among the mass. This element was absent in most of the starters and that is the reason they failed succeed in the market. However, you can find the presence of this element in our service. You give lucrative discounts all the time and you can also avail further more discounts on your first purchase.

Do make a shopping at Sterling Engraved at gift an engraved pocket watch to your loved one under a beautiful gift-wrap with free home delivery service.

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What kind of Engravable Watch for Him is the Best?

If you are reading this, it means you are searching for an engravable watch for him to surprise on a special occasion but you are confused which one to go for; wrist watches or pocket watches. Well, it depends on the current state and work ethics of him. To best understand the debate, keep reading till the end.

So far you have made the good decision:

Well, going for an engraved watch next to other available gifts is a wise call as it will surely impress your life partner to the optimum degree. For a man watch is more precious than anything else. Most of the times a watch become the lone companion of man. In this regard, a decision to buy an engravable watch for him is sure to buy his long lasting impression.

engravable watch for him
engravable watch for him

Why engraved watch?

An engraved watch carries special memories as compared to normal ones. They host the special message of your love for him. It will help him in fighting the odd times with much patience. A standard hand engraving will give the letters an unique style and will more brighten your message.

At Sterling Engraved, we engrave the message in a unique style to make the watch an antique-looking affair. The deep cuts of engraving from our side will make it hard for anyone to remove from the surface.

Pick something meaningful to engrave:

Pick some messages that can put deep impact on him positively on odd moments. Like suppose, if your man remains out of station most of the time, engrave messages that will make him feel your presence near to him at each moment. Similarly, if he is struggling through his odd times, consider engraving any motivational message behind.

Two best option:

An engraved watch can come in two varieties; wrist watch and pocket watch. The former one suits best to young man having corporate job. An engraved wrist watch can bring your man into the limelight by triple folding his fashion level.

engraved watch for him
engraved watch for him

On the other hand, if your man is growing white hairs and beards lately, it is best to go for pocket watches. This is because, earlier there was a time when pocket watches used to be the successor among other available, hence a same watch in the current era can throwback endless sweet memories to him and an engraved message from your side will help in this further.

Sterling Engraved can be your trustworthy shopping destination:

We can help you choose the best watch for him. Just you need to visit our online store and choose any watch of your choice from thousand available designs. Let’s know your message and we will carry forward the rest of the process. We can even gift wrap the same and parcel it to the desired location free of cost. Interestingly, all the above discussed will come in a single price quotation displayed on our online web store. so, call us today and book the best engraved watch for your man today!

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Innovative way to Surprise your Dad with an Engraved Pocket Watch Box

sterlingengraved Image

The calendar is hinting towards a special day, it’s your father’s birthday and you have not deciphered any strong formula to surprise him, the situation is most common to many children. Parents know well how to make their children happy but when it is the reverse, there are no costly gifts that can do the work. You have to gift him something special that he could barely refuse. How about an engraved pocket watch showing the deep message from your heart imprinted on its skin! Well there are actually many reasons in support of the above action, few out of them are mentioned below.

Dads are always timekeepers of our actions:

From the very moment we land on this earth, our fathers start timekeeping our every action along with our mothers to better safeguard us against any odd. A watch becomes the best guide of parents for timely carrying out the necessary responsibilities of newborns. Therefore, gifting your father a pocket watch within an engraved pocket watch box with a message like “Thanks for timekeeping my moves until now” will definitely stir up the past sweet memories inside him.

To add a modern gift to his personality

Parents when growing old, they get so drowned in responsibilities that they simply detach themselves from modern outfit. Now, as children always run in the current time of fashion, they can best advise on how to revamp their parents look. In this regard, adding a pocket watch to his daily fashion quote is much better than gifting him a costly smartphone.

A vintage memory flashback

Off course, there was a time when pocket watches used to be everyone’s asset but with the passage of time, luck has become unfavourable to them but carrying out the same can have more strong reason through another lens. We often add old vintage pieces to our interior of the house to triple fold the beauty, and in the same way, when your dad will carry a shiny old yet ultramodern style pocket watch to his workplace, it will attract everyone’s attention towards him. Instantly, your dad will be in the limelight, don’t you want that?

A consistent reminder of your love

That is what for the engraving service of our present. We not only help you choose the best-designed pocket watch but also engrave the sweet message of your heart on them impeccably so that it will constantly remind your father of your never-ending love and care. Every moment he will flip the cover up to see the time, your message will shine on the golden or silver body.

Now if you have made up your mind for buying such a vintage masterpiece, do visit the online store of Sterling Engraved. There a large collection of stylish pocket watches and general wrist watches are displayed with clear pictures to buy your impression. Just use your little imagination to choose something that will best surprise your dad and let’s know the message that you want it to carry on its body, and we will do the rest.

We also encapsulate them under a beautiful pocket watch box with a plate displaying your message. Surprisingly, the whole gift unit will be delivered to your desired destination within an engraved pocket watch Box for free! So don’t be late so that your dream pocket watch becomes out of stock.

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Gifts on Mind? Take The Help of an Engraved Watch Company to Surprise Like Never Before

engraved watch company USA

Watches are beautiful and they come in use of our day to day life. Therefore, they will remain as a main stay in jewellery section for long time. As the value of time is precious, everyone loves to give their near and dear ones popular watches as gifts or awards. It is a common practice to gift a person a valuable watch on his retirement from a company after a long period of service. Also when someone steps in his High School for the first time and the parent gift watches to make their children aware of the value of the time.

However a small change to the tradition can bring even more priceless expression on their face, one of such attempt is to engraving the watches with beautiful personal message. With a personal message on its cover from your side adds sentimental value to the item and can be best used to recognise individual achievements. In this regard, as a reputed engraved watch company, we at The Presentation Watch Company offer you beautiful wrist watches as well as pocket watches for both men and women. The section contains watches of different budget from which you can choose an ideal watch for your loved one. However our service doesn’t end here; we also engrave those watches with personal messages from your side and gift wrap them for you as presentation.

Engraved watches can be used as a perfect gift for any occasion; whether you want a gift for wedding anniversary or birthday, our special watches can fit against any of your needs. Sometimes, gifting a rare collection item like pocket watches creates special attention. Nowadays one can hardly see pocket watches on daily use. However if you gift a similar watch with an engraved message on its border it will create a special eyebrow raising situation for the gift opener.

Designing watches that we have:

About engraved watches

About engraved watches

You can navigate through our Wrist watch and Pocket watch sections to have a broad look over wide range of collections. They have been categorised depending upon the price range. Under Wrist watch section, products like Caravelle and Bulova are more popular. Even they have multiple sub designs; golden plated, stalling silver, chains type, bracelet types etc. A simple collection of leather band integrated watches are also available.

Now, if you want to make a long lasting impression with our gifts, you can go for pocket watch section. It contains artistically designed beautiful pocket watches from Charles Hubert and Meisterwerk. They are available both with and without chains. Adding a customised personal message on the shiny surface of golden or silver watches even triple folds the beauty.

To gift wrap them we can also provide hardwood presentation box those are artistically designed to buy anyone’s attention. Not only that you can also engrave it with a shiny metallic plate on the top with special message from your side. Adding more surprise to your kitty, we deliver the gifts to your doorstep at a free shipping cost. Isn’t that amazing? The aim of bringing smile on the face of shoppers by providing quality products and service under low budget has made us a reputed brand of engraved watch company within very less period of time.

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